Top Five Reasons You Need a Lawyer at Your Real Estate Closing

Whether you are buying or selling a property, you need a real estate attorney by your side for your real estate closing. An attorney who is well versed in real estate transactions can protect your interests in more ways than you can imagine. Read on to discover the top reasons you need a lawyer at your real estate closing. 

1. They can review the title commitment and remove exceptions.

Your attorney will know what to look for in your title commitment. These typically include some standard exceptions, but your attorney can help you remove unwanted exceptions. 

2. They can coordinate communication between all parties. 

Lots of people are involved in a real estate closing including the buyer and seller, but also the lenders, brokers, surveyors, and others. An attorney can facilitate clear communication between everyone involved. 

3. They can record the transaction and disburse the funds.

From brokerage fees to taxes, your attorney can make sure the right money goes to the right people and nothing you owe gets unintentionally neglected.

4. They help you avoid legal trouble down the road.

Unexpected obstacles crop up in real estate transactions all the time. Your real estate attorney can make sure these things are handled appropriately immediately and do not come back to bite you in the future. 

5. They can help you understand the paperwork.

Even when you’ve bought and sold real estate several times before, the paperwork can be overwhelming to someone who is not a legal professional. Your attorney can help make sure you have a clear understanding of the things you are signing. 

Where can I find a dedicated and experienced real estate attorney to help me with my closing and other real estate matters?

You’ve come to the right place! The Robertson & Williams, Inc. team is here to help with all of your real estate needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent results for our clients and will do everything we can to ensure that your real estate closing goes off without a hitch. In fact, we can help you throughout the entire process of buying or selling real estate in the Oklahoma City area. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, we encourage you to get in touch today. You can reach us at (405) 848-1944. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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