Small Business Lawyer: Why You Need Legal Advice For Your Small Business

When you are finally ready to set up your small business, there are three necessary members you need on your team. And that is a small business lawyer, a financial advisor, and an accountant. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook hiring an attorney because they think they can handle all the legalities independently, but more times than not, they are mistaken. 

A small business lawyer is very important when setting up a new business and providing you with the necessary business law advice. See below the reseasons why you need one on your team. 

To help set up the company

Not all companies are the same. Options to create a company can include sole or general partnership, joint venture, limited partnership, limited liability company and corporation. Each type of company has pros and cons, rules and terms that a lawyer will know, and can streamline the process for you. 

To help you get tax compliance certificates

All businesses, big or small, must pay government taxes. A lawyer will know the tax advantages and disadvantages for each type of company. They will be able to help the owners pay their dues on time and avoid unnecessary tax fines. 

To help with contacts 

If you plan to hire employees for your business, you must formulate solid contracts. A lawyer can help create contacts that will protect your company and avoid unnecessary problems down the road. Contracts can also help protect a company’s business, including confidential information, formulas, and recipes, etc. 

To help the business mitigate any lawsuits

Through drafting contracts and adhering to state requirements, attorneys help your company avoid potential lawsuits. An attorney is the voice of reason that knows the law and does their research to ensure every decision reached stays on the lawful side of things. 

To help you fight lawsuits 

Let’s say that you are already in a legal fix; what do you do? You get a lawyer ASAP! If you do not have one already, they are your best bet to beat the system and regain control. Even if you are the one in the wrong, a lawyer helps you negotiate your way to fixing things within reasonable constraints. 


You need a lawyer if you want your company to grow, flourish and be protected. A small business lawyer is an asset for your small enterprise. Contact small business law specialists, Robertson & Williams Law firm today to get more information!

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