Oil and Gas Law Oklahoma

Robertson & Williams offers a range of legal services to its oil and gas law clients. Dealing with the complex area of oil and gas law, our attorneys provide counsel that underpins business-critical decisions that often have economic and political Dimensions.

What is Oil and Gas Law?

This particular area of law deals with exploration, refining, production, processing, and transporting of natural gas, crude oil, and hydrocarbons. The law of oil and gas lays out who has the legal rights to produce and sell gas and oil and the conditions they must follow. Depending on the parties involved and the location, there are international, federal, and state laws to consider. Legal advice in this area is highly specialized and requires expertise in property, environmental, contract, corporate, and administrative law. The main areas of oil and gas law can be broken down into three distinct areas:

  • Upstream – the search for and production of oil and gas by oil companies.
  • Midstream – the processing, storage, movement, and advertising of oil and Gas.
  • Downstream – the refining and sale of products derived from crude oil and natural gas.

Our lawyers are trusted by clients to carefully analyze legal issues in a variety of settings.

Mineral rights

The majority of laws governing this area are state laws. State laws dictate who has the right to explore for minerals on a property. Additionally, the laws provide methods that may be used to extract minerals, and how disputes are to be resolved. State laws also lay out how mineral interests are sold and transferred.

Expert legal services in oil and gas law

At Robertson & Williams, we have decades of experience in navigating the oil and gas sector. 

Our in-depth experience includes:

  • Drilling title opinions
  • Division order title opinions
  • Mineral acquisition opinions
  • Oil and gas contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Sale agreements
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Farm-ins and farm-outs
  • Oil and gas conveyances
  • Rights of way

We act for clients of all sizes and at every point in the chain of mineral acquisition and production. Clients include mineral and royalty owners, oil and gas companies, commercial banks, private equity, and other intermediaries to the industry.

Why use an Oil and Gas Law Specialist?

This area of law is particularly complex, and the potential stakes are high. You need to know that you are receiving counsel from an experienced firm, who has many years of experience dealing in this particular area. At Robertson & Williams, our attorneys are some of the most experienced and respected in the field. In addition to working with oil and gas companies, we also work with individual property owners. Our expertise in business and estate planning makes us uniquely qualified to represent individual mineral owners in oil and gas negotiations with other interested parties.

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