The 3 Biggest Responsibilities of a Personal Representative

Being named the personal representative of a loved one’s estate comes with some big responsibilities. The Personal Representative is responsible for executing or overseeing, the wishes laid out by the deceased, or testator, as well as winding up all affairs of the estate. You, in essence, usher the estate through the probate process, in accordance with state laws. Read on to learn about the three biggest duties you Read More

A Brief Introduction to Estate Planning

If you’re like most of our clients, you devote most of your life to your family. You work hard so that you can provide your family with a nice home, good education, and the foundation for a secure future. You may worry about what will happen to your loved ones at your death. Taking the time to plan for your family after you pass can help to ensure that your hard work continues to provide for your family Read More

What is a net revenue interest?

Net revenue interest is a calculation of the total revenue interest that a person owns in a unit. What does this mean if you are a mineral owner? It means that the following formula will help you to determine your net revenue interest and in turn what you might anticipate receiving as your share of production from a well. To illustrate this we provide the following example: Bob owns 40 acres in the SE/4. Company X Read More

What to do when an oil company suspends your interest?

Before an oil and gas company drills a well they generally employ an oil and gas title attorney to render a drilling opinion. A drilling opinion tells the operator of the well who owns an interest in the surface, minerals and leasehold interest in a proposed unit. In addition to detailing who owns the interest, the drilling opinion will also set forth any title requirements that the attorney feels should be satisfied Read More


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